Friday , August 7th 2020
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Kitten ALMOST gets away from us!!! Luckily – he fails! ❤️

Kitten ALMOST gets away from us!!!  Luckily – he fails! ❤️
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If you missed the essential video of Axle (the orange kittycat in the engine), here is the link for you:

We had a busy weekend this Fourth of July, and we are constantly happy to assist with anything we can! We really couldn’t have actually done it without your support and if you haven’t joined us with a donation yet, please help us reach our objective so we can save numerous more lives:

In 2 days I will post one of the CrAzIeSt saves EVER! Loreta wound up with a panic attack in the middle of a rescue – please leave a note to yourself to view it on Wednesday early morning.

To adopt Axle, please contact our friends at Room 8 Memorial Foundation:

Thank you a lot for your assistance! When you watch, like, and most significantly – share our videos, it helps us so much!!!!


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