Wednesday , September 23rd 2020
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How to Potty Train Your Dog – My POWERFUL new eBook!

How to Potty Train Your Dog – My POWERFUL new eBook!
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What if you could delight in hanging around with your pet dog without fretting about whether or not they ‘d have a mishap? Picture having a canine that is totally invested in the training, pottys on command, and even asks to go outside.

Licensed Expert Pet Dog Fitness instructor and YouTube influencer, Ian Stone, provides a clear and useful guide to splitting the dilemma of effective potty training. Based upon over 10 years of experience as a consultant, class trainer, and instructor, Ian responds to all of your concerns about developing a superior routine.

In this book you’ll learn:

Why you need to alter your pet dog’s “one guideline” (or potty training will not work!).
How to execute structure, schedule, and supervision like the pros.
How to teach your pet to hit the “on-switch” to build motivation.
How to run an effective “Cycle” that makes training easy.
How to hack your dog’s brain to want to go where you want them to.
How to teach your pet dog to ask to go out (and how to stop the “Valet Call”).
How the method you feed can make or break your program.
Why you shouldn’t utilize pads (and what to utilize instead).
How to establish your house for maximum training effectiveness.
How to deal with mistakes efficiently (it’s not what you may think!).
How to modify your plan for pups, shelter dogs, and more!

* REWARDS: cheat sheet to keep you on target.
* BONUS OFFERS: tools to track your development.

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