Wednesday , July 15th 2020
    Best Deals On Dog Products And Accessories


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Are you having difficulty grooming a terrified aggressive matted pet dog! Prior to you try grooming a frightened aggressive matted pet dog, you require to understand the risks of grooming a matted canine and the pain and suffering it causes to the pet. I intend to help you see this experience from not just to pet dogs viewpoint however the pet groomer also. We all suffer when your pet dog is matted:-LRB-.
If you are not exactly sure if your dog is matted, this video can assist you figure out the severity of your pet dogs coat condition.

Video “how to make a safe grooming loop” with bungee paracord:.

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8″ Shear $80.00.
Kenchii Scorpion 8″ straight shear.

Comb $9.94.
Andis Animal Grooming comb (steel).

Slicker Brushes $10.58 – $13.92.
( little) All Systems Slicker Brush $10.58.

( big) All Systems Slicker Brush $13.92.

Nail trimmer $5.00.
Millers Forge Stainless-steel Dog Nail Clipper.

Styptic Powder $4.89.
Remedy + Recovery Styptic Powder (stops nail bleeding).

Wall KM10 clipper $156.00.
( Purple)
( Blue)

Clipper blade oil $2.68.

Andis cool care $12.99.

Clipper Blades: Wahl Ultimate Competition Blade Series.
# 30 $19.99 each … (Amount 2 $39.98).

# 10 $19.99 each … (Amount 2 $39.98).

# 7F $22.99 each … (Amount 2 $45.98).

# 5F $24.99 each … (Amount 2 $49.98).

Wahl Stainless-steel Snap on comb Attachments $39.94.

Mixing bottles (3 pack) $26.89.

Shampoo $39.99.
Tropiclean Aloe and Coconut Animal Hair Shampoo.

Conditioner $39.99.
Tropiclean Kiwi and Cocoa Butter Hydrating Conditioner.

Bath Tub leash and Hook $17.99.

Grooming table (or portable) $116.99.
Bonus Big portable Grooming Table with grooming arm.

Grooming loop $14.64.
Groomers Helper Grooming Loop.

High Speed Forced Air Clothes Dryer $202.59.
City 4.0 HP 2 speed force dryer.