Monday , July 13th 2020
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Stressing over how to groom your dog in your home? There is an EASY WAY to CUT your PETS FEET and EARS in your home. How to groom your pet during groomers closed down! Covid-19 has not just affected our routine’s however our animal’s have been affected too. Finding out to properly bath your pet dog at house is the first step to keeping your animal at house.
Did you ever think you would need to know how to cut your canine’s hair in the house? Unless you have actually gotten correct training you would not understand how to groom your canine yourself … so what can you do??? I have a playlist on my channel that can show you how to trim your pet’s nails the proper way,
how to cut a canine’s hair at house, how to shave the pads of your canine’s feet and much a lot more. Initially, you have to properly bath your dog at home and it is absolutely my satisfaction to share the tricks of the pet grooming market with you so you can offer quality take care of your precious pets in your home.
Pet Grooming Tips And Products are the focus here on this channel and we are live every Monday at 5:30 pm (EST).

Playlist to groom your pet dog at house:

How Darcey over came nail trimming worry:

Cut your pet dogs nails in the house:

I used the pet facial scrub in my eyes and consumed it too:

How to utilize the pet facial wash to get rid of eye and mouth construct up:

PetValu Animal Wash station video:

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Conair mini paw pad trimmer:.

Davis Degrease Shampoo:.

Nature’s Specialties Sun Guard Conditioner:.

8″ Shear $80.00.
Kenchii Scorpion 8″ straight shear.

Comb $9.94.
Andis Animal Grooming comb (steel).

Slicker Brushes $10.58 – $13.92.
( little) All Systems Slicker Brush $10.58.

( big) All Systems Slicker Brush $13.92.

Nail trimmer $5.00.
Millers Forge Stainless-steel Dog Nail Clipper.

Styptic Powder $4.89.
Solution + Recovery Styptic Powder (stops nail bleeding).

Wall KM10 clipper $156.00.
( Purple)
( Blue)

Clipper blade oil $2.68.

Andis cool care $12.99.

Clipper Blades: Wahl Ultimate Competition Blade Series.
# 30 $19.99 each … (Quantity 2 $39.98).

10 clipper blade $19.99 each … (Quantity 2 $39.98).

7F clipper blade $22.99 each … (Amount 2 $45.98).

5F clipper blade $24.99 each … (Quantity 2 $49.98).

Wahl Stainless-steel Snap on comb Attachments $39.94.

Blending bottles (3 pack) $26.89.

Shampoo $39.99.
Tropiclean Aloe and Coconut Animal Hair Shampoo.

Conditioner $39.99.
Tropiclean Kiwi and Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Conditioner.

Bath Tub leash and Hook $17.99.

Grooming table (or portable) $116.99.
Bonus Large portable Grooming Table with grooming arm.

Grooming loop $14.64.
Groomers Helper Grooming Loop.

High Speed Forced Air Clothes Dryer $176.00.