Wednesday , July 15th 2020
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Abandoned dog was starving….. for love and attention!!!

Abandoned dog was starving….. for love and attention!!!
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Months of isolation might have been avoided if people had done the ideal thing. Thankfully, her feeder lastly discovered #HopeForPaws and the rest is history! We simply posted more videos on our site:

Both Maple and her buddy Scampi are trying to find their loving forever houses! Please share their video so we can discover them this home together. Our pals at Angel City Pit Bulls will handle their adoption and you can contact them directly here:

This week we will commemorate our 12th. anniversary of Hope For Paws and I discovered that YOU didn’t download the Expect Paws APP yet:–RRB-.

Please go to Google Play or the App Shop, look for “Expect Paws” and don’t forget to switch on the notice so you will not miss any of the remarkable videos that are coming up this week – believe me, you do not want to miss any of them!

Setting up the App will allow me, Loreta, JoAnn and Katie to text you every once in a while and let you learn about exciting things happening here.

I will see you there;–RRB-.


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